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Serving the world
with honest 
If it's not true,
what's the point?

This is me

In this age of technology, AI and social media, it is easier than ever to be - or appear to be - anything we want to, for brands as well as individuals. And just because something may not be real does not make it untrue, at least in honest intentionality. Such was the point of fables and allegories after all.

Walking the fine line of storytelling, honestly serving audiences and growing or profiting as a brand (be it individual or business) is the challenge I set myself every day. The puzzle I seek to solve. Because the world is better with service-first, truth-based brands. And I’m here to help build more of those.

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When strategy and integrity meet, meaningful 
content blossoms.

I should preface by saying that I don’t mean to preach a ‘correct’ or ‘right’ way of creating content, or that it might lie with me to define what ‘meaningful’ might be. But I have found that a creator’s intentions for their content often affects its ability to have impact.

Now obviously this isn’t addressed to anyone who’s just creating content for fun, with no bigger goal beyond the joy of doing what they’re doing. Frankly, there IS integrity to such straightforward intentions that ask nothing of anyone else. But as soon as there’s a bigger goal behind it, particularly one that relies on other people to interact, react, take action - one’s motivations can become diluted. Even more so when the end goal is monetary. And this is not judgement, just fact. Something to be self-aware about because it’s natural.

For me, I find that keeping serving one’s audience as the focal point to be a very safe north star to follow. And here’s the beauty to it. The purer your intention to truly serve your audience, the more truly they will stand by you, and take the actions you need them to (as long as you’re clear about what you need from them).

And as it so happens. I’ve got a knack for staying true to keeping the audience top-of-mind, while building in strategies to achieve YOUR goals in the most organic way. So let’s talk. ;D

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I am also always seeking to expand my understanding and experiences and particularly love doing this by working with content creators - dissecting their niche, their goals, their brands, their message and so on.

If you're looking to do some strategic brainstorming, and find new ways to connect with your audience, I'm here for you!

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