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In need of tailored advice? Here are a range of ways we can work together!

Whether you know exactly what you need, or you're feeling generally lost in the wide world of content, I've got you covered with a diverse selection of services that will leave you with more clarity on how it all works, what platforms and strategies might best apply to you and next steps for you to take action on.

Designed as a one-time engagement with the option for repeat sessions at your discretion, a private consultation entails a comprehensive analysis of your content, platforms, and data, and provides you with precise feedback tailored to your objectives.


During this comprehensive analysis, we can cover a range of topics, including:

A detailed review of your published content, evaluated against current trends and effectiveness

An in-depth assessment of your analytics

in relation to your platform goals

Expert guidance on selecting the

most suitable platforms and media

A careful comparison of your current strategy

with the objectives you aim to achieve

It's worth noting that this consultation would not result in a ready-made content plan. However, if the audit suggests refinements may be needed, we can certainly collaborate on enhancing your overall strategy.

We'll conclude with a one-on-one call, in which I talk you through my findings, observations and conclusions, as well as my recommendations for your content strategy and plan. You will also receive all of this in a written report. 


This consultative process can be scheduled for periodic reviews, ideally every 3 to 6 months, to monitor your progress toward achieving your objectives.


Sound like what you're looking for?

and we can hammer out details and

go over any questions you have.


Workshops can be done either as traditional presentations, or interactive explorations with the audience on the selected topic. 

They will generally either be 1 or 2 hour sessions, and can be requested in a remote or in-person* format.

Here are my prepared topics:

Interested in booking one of these workshops for your team, class, club or other organization?

Have questions on a related topic that you feel might make a good workshop?

*In-person workshops are available, contingent upon travel expenses and, if required, accommodation, being covered by the organizer.

My most hands-on and customized solution merges the Consultation with several of my Workshops into one fully fleshed out Content Strategy and Plan, 100% adapted to your brand and needs. 

In concrete terms, this includes:

A full audit of your current content, platforms and strategies

Analytics reports with actionable insights and conclusions

A content sprint to clarify your goals, targets, and the optimal strategy to reach them

A content plan informed by all of the above, aligned with your strengths and brand essence

You will walk away with more clarity on your social media history, insights into how to stay on track and concrete action steps to move forward towards your objectives.

With these learnings you should also be equipped to adapt your content plan to your needs as they change going forward.

(Please note that I will not be creating any content for you, except for some potential examples. The content creation process must be handled by you and your team, if you have one.)

Excited for clarity and a concrete way forward?

custom content plan

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